Welcome to The Song Li Lab

Our research endeavors are centered on cell and tissue engineering, which integrates the fields of engineering, biology, and medicine. Our ultimate objective is to gain a deeper understanding of molecular and cellular regulation, to develop new technologies, and to translate our findings into practical biomedical applications. Currently, our team is working on various projects that encompass three broad areas:

1. Mechanotransduction and biophysical regulation, from single cell to tissue and organ levels.

2. Cell engineering, which aims to harness the power of reprogramming, differentiation, and synthetic biology to advance regenerative medicine.

3. Immunoengineering and drug delivery, aimed at developing new therapies to treat various diseases.

We are seeking highly motivated scientists and students with diverse backgrounds to join our team. Our lab strongly believes that the fusion of different disciplines is crucial in breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of bioengineering. Additionally, we are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our lab and foster an environment that values curiosity, innovation, diligence, collaboration, and differences.