Publications 2001-2010


Nov 2002

Interplay between integrins and FLK-1 in shear stress-induced signaling.

Am J Physiol Cell Physiol.283:C1540-7.

Wang Y, Miao H, Li S, Chen KD, Li YS, Yuan S, Shyy JY, Chien S.


May 2002

Differential regulation of Rho GTPases by beta1 and beta3 integrins: the role of an extracellular domain of integrin in intracellular signaling.

J Cell Sci.115:2199-206.

Miao H, Li S, Hu YL, Yuan S, Zhao Y, Chen BP, Puzon-McLaughlin W, Tarui T, Shyy JY, Takada Y, Usami S, Chien S.


Mar 2002

The role of the dynamics of focal adhesion kinase in the mechanotaxis of endothelial cells.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.99:3546-51.

Li S, Butler P, Wang Y, Hu Y, Han DC, Usami S, Guan JL, Chien S.


Oct 2001

DNA microarray analysis of gene expression in endothelial cells in response to 24-h shear stress.

Physiol Genomics.7:55-63.

Chen BP, Li YS, Zhao Y, Chen KD, Li S, Lao J, Yuan S, Shyy JY, Chien S.


Jul 2001

Effects of flow patterns on endothelial cell migration into a zone of mechanical denudation.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun.285:751-9.

Hsu PP, Li S, Li YS, Usami S, Ratcliffe A, Wang X, Chien S.



Effects of morphological patterning on endothelial cell migration.


Li S, Bhatia S, Hu YL, Shiu YT, Li YS, Usami S, Chien S.