Mechanotransduction and Biophysical Regulation

In addition to biochemical and biological factors, biophysical cues such as mechanical forces, electrical signals and the micro/nano structure play important roles in cell sensing, signal transduction and epigenetic regulation. Our goal is to elucidate the mechanisms of mechanotransduction and biophysical regulation, and develop technologies to engineer cell fate and tissue regeneration. Ongoing studies include: (1) effect of mechanical factors on cell sensing, 3D genome and epigenetic state, and (2) electrical modulation for neuromuscular regeneration.


Publication Highlights


Aug 2022

Transient nuclear deformation primes epigenetic state and promotes cell reprogramming

Nature Materials

Yang Song, Jennifer Soto, Binru Chen, Tyler Hoffman, Weikang Zhao, Ninghao Zhu, Qin Peng, Longwei Liu, Chau Ly, Pak Kin Wong, Yingxiao Wang, Amy C. Rowat, Siavash K. Kurdistani, Song Li


Nov 2020

Stretchable, dynamic covalent polymers for soft, long-lived bioresorbable electronic stimulators designed to facilitate neuromuscular regeneration.

Nature Communications. 11:5990.

Choi YS, Hsueh YY, Koo J, Yang Q, Avila R, Hu B, Xie Z, Lee G, Ning Z, Liu C, Xu Y, Lee YJ, Zhao W, Fang J, Deng Y, Lee SM, Vázquez-Guardado A, Stepien I, Yan Y, Song JW, Haney C, Oh YS, Liu W, Yun HJ, Banks A, MacEwan MR, Ameer GA, Ray WZ, Huang Y, Xie T, Franz CK, Li S*, Rogers JA*.


Mar 2020

Cell engineering: Biophysical regulation of the nucleus.


Song Y, Soto J, Chen B, Yang L, Li S.


Feb 2020

Engineering Biomaterials with Micro/Nanotechnologies for Cell Reprogramming.

ACS Nano. 14(2):1296-1318.

Fang J, Hsueh YY, Soto J, Sun W, Wang J, Gu Z, Khademhosseini A, Li S.



Biophysical regulation of epigenetic state and cell reprogramming.

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